Letters from Parents

October 14, 2010


To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation to highly recommend Laura Coulter for a position as a nanny or caretaker. Laura held a daycare in her home in St. Helens, OR. I moved to Scappoose, a small city near St. Helens in July of 2009. I was in search of a small in-home daycare for my 1 year old daughter. I am an early childhood educator and very passionate about finding the perfect place for my daughter where the caretaker would understand her developmental, educational, emotional and safety needs. I had in my mind the “perfect” place with educational toys, centers, safety gates, colors, posters, music, etc. and when I walked into Laura’s home, I knew I had found the place I dreamed of finding.

Not only does Laura have an education in early childhood, but she truly puts it into practice. She had a schedule for the children, although she was flexible with it as needed. Each day the children played and explored centers, sang and danced, practiced colors, shapes, numbers, etc. She fed them balanced, healthy meals and snacks and even helped with children when they began potty training. She was consistent and firm with negative behaviors, but caring and loving when children needed a little extra cuddle-time.

One of the qualities that I loved most about Laura was her honesty and willingness to communicate. She always filled out a little “How was your day?” form telling me my daughter’s attitude, activities, meals, naptime, even how many diapers she had been through during that day. She included something positive that she did and always helped me when my daughter was facing challenges with other children or with discipline. When my husband or I picked her up, she always informed us of observations she’d made about her, (health, behavior, potential problems; like when she began escaping from her crib, etc.). I really enjoyed her honesty and never felt as though she was hiding anything or sugar-coating issues that needed to be tackled.

I had to take my daughter out of Laura’s care only because my husband got a job in California and we had to relocate. I will always wish I could find another “Laura” whenever I am in need of childcare. She really is amazing and gifted when it comes caring for youngsters. I highly recommend her as a nanny. Feel free to contact me with any questions, at my email address at: cconstantino@cu-portland.edu.


Correne Constantino

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